The Brief

Florozone, an already beautiful skincare brand, now has an online presence that is therapeutic to the beholder’s eyes. We positioned Florozone as a thought-leader, providing beautiful visuals and useful tips to their audience.
Our product photography, concepts, design and social media content made Florozone a go-to Skincare Specialists on Instagram!

Social Media

Building a strong social media marketing strategy for a beauty brand requires careful attention to detail in addition to a well-thought-out plan. We built Florozone’s social media presence by creating a digital marketing strategy for this skincare brand, leveraging the social aspect of discovering, buying and using beauty products.. With vibrant colours, beautiful visuals and useful tips for skincare, Florozone is a brand that relates to social media users.

Website Design

A skincare brand’s website must combine aesthetics, usability, and a focus on the brand’s identity and values. The website had to cater a wide variety of content for their line of skincare products. The goal was to create the website while keeping in mind the brand’s personality, core values, and target audience. This helped in the development of the overall design and content strategy. We selected a website template that aligned with the brand’s aesthetic and goals


Partnering with influencers is a great way to promote a skincare brand and reach a wider audience. When selecting Florozone influencers, the team considered factors such as their reach, engagement rate, alignment with the brand values ​​and relevance to their target audience.






Social Media, Website design & Shoot Influencers

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