ArtECult is an Indian handicraft start-up with a vision to create a global brand  which is synonymous with craft. They contacted us for creative advice on branding, packaging, the website, digital marketing, and e-commerce. The goal of the project was to create a thoughtful, intuitive, inspiring website which showcases unique and handcrafted products. Throughout the design process, we had to make sure the website was a creative representation of the diversity of India.


Indian Handicrafts




Social Media, Website design & Shoot Influencers

Branding and Packaging

We were approached by this start-up to create a brand logo that was minimal in style, but strong in its form. Our main objective was to build a strong brand identity for ArtECult that aligns with the brand’s values and aesthetic. ArtECult desired for their branding to convey both royalty and a creative portrayal of India’s diversity.  We ensured that their values are reflected in the brand’s logo. The color scheme matched the mood and personality of the brand. To improve the customers’ unboxing experience we designed distinctive and eye-catching packaging.



Website Design & Web Development

The website we created was easy for users to navigate the content and browse through lovely full-screen images of the products. The content was purposefully divided into several segments  to enable sharable content consumption, simple navigation to other pages and collections, and save products to their wishlists for later reference. By working closely with ArtECult’s team, we ensured that the website displayed distinct content, including pictures, and informative text.


Social Media

Based on our understanding of the business, we assisted them in developing a successful social media strategy to promote their products, interact with the target market, and eventually increase sales. The focus was to establish SMART objectives to raise brand awareness, boost website traffic, and build their following.




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