BornFree Ceramics is a leading handmade ceramics brand based in the UAE. Their ceramics are thoughtfully crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and materials of exceptional quality. They are well known in the industry for their functional tableware to decorative pieces. We were approached with a unique and challenging brief to create the best website in the ceramics industry, one that placed BornFree Ceramics ahead of the competition in terms of a forward-thinking and modern platform. Our team also created a well-designed catalogue to highlight the unique features and beauty of their ceramics products.




Culinary Ceramics




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Bornfree Ceramics approached WNDR to  produce a modern and engaging website that provides clear information on their expertise, as well as focusing on the collection of their culinary masterpieces. The goal of the website was to aesthetically stand out in their industry while outlining the capabilities  and values of the brand. With this in mind, we needed to make sure we maintained a balance in  the site’s creativity with the nature of their work. Our design team established a clean and minimalist design that complements the brand values and their ceramics’ aesthetics. We incorporated this colorful aesthetic into the layout of the website, truly capturing the essence of the brand. Tasked with showcasing their industry-leading work and credentials, our creative team also designed a creative and informative Look Book for Bornfree with a clean and consistent design that aligns with the brand’s aesthetic.




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