Fit Fam is a health and nutrition brand providing fresh, healthy customized food delivered daily to the customer. They empower you to achieve your weight loss goals through nutritional programs that are effective, convenient and designed to complement busy lifestyles. Fit Fam sought WNDR’s expertise to create an effective digital marketing strategy to reach their target audience and promote their products or services effectively. We introduced them to the Instagram community and our new age ideas ensured long-term success in their product and services. 




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The brief from Fit Fam was to establish a strong presence on social media and create strategies to promote their products and services to a target audience interested in the ketogenic diet. Once we identified the specific demographics and interests of their ideal customers, our creative team suggested a content strategy that included articles, videos, and infographics related to the keto diet.  Our team also suggested sharing keto recipes, success stories to add value to their audience and  build trust.  WNDR helped the brand produce high-quality goods and services that fit the ketogenic diet with the help of an effective communication strategy.




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