HoneyBrie Charcuterie is an Indian-based brand that specialises in luxurious charcuterie platters. From the beginning, Honeybrie was quite clear about how essential their brand’s original narrative was to them. They wanted the logo to correspond with their cheese boards, and we worked with them to incorporate their culinary craftsmanship into their branding and social media by encapsulating the brand’s spirit in earthy tones. We couldn’t be happier with how our efforts came together. 






Social Media, Website design & Shoot Influencers



Keeping in mind the target audience, menu, and brand values, our team at WNDR experimented with several styles, layouts, colors, and fonts before settling on the ideal logo for this startup charcuterie business. As the brand’s objective was to create exquisite, gourmet charcuterie boards, they briefed us  for designing a clean and modern logo.  With the use of design elements that inspire sophistication and culinary delight, we created a professional logo that corresponds to the aesthetics and feel of the charcuterie board brand.


Social Media

For Honeybrie Charcuterie, we created a strong social media strategy that significantly increased their brand visibility and eventually boosted sales. Balancing  the content mix with posts about the products, behind-the-scenes peek, client testimonials, and more we created a content calendar using high-quality videos and visually appealing images. It was crucial to keep a consistent visual aesthetic that captures the essence of the brand.




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