The Big Collab is a business consulting and services firm that has matched businesses with their targeted objectives. The Big Collab’s purpose, like that of many other agencies  in this industry, was to assess businesses, develop solutions, and aid them in achieving their objectives.  To assist them in this brand-new business chapter, we gave their brand and website a professional and colourful vibe, ranging from their logo and website, to social media and shoots. 


Business Consulting and Services




Social Media, Website design & Shoot Influencers


In order to build credibility and attract clients for The Big Collab, a business consulting and services agency, it was crucial to develop a strong and memorable brand identity. The brand aimed to project professionalism, expertise, and reliability. This was achieved by creating a clean and professional logo that is easily recognizable and represents the company’s values and services. We selected a color palette with varying shades of blue, yellow and green, as these colors are often associated with stability, expertise, and growth and exhibit  professionalism and trust.




Website Design & Web Development

The website’s design reflected the branding work we did. The main focus of the website brief from The Big Collab was to clearly outline their expertise in strategy, operations, marketing consulting services and to attract potential clients. With this in mind, our approach was to keep the design clean so the content could be easily filtered depending on users’ needs. The design and layout of the website we created was professional, easy to navigate, and reflective of the agency’s brand identity. The result was a functional and adaptable website that serves as a base for business consultancy and all the services they offer.


Digital Marketing

We assisted The Big Collab with their digital marketing strategy in addition to developing its brand and website. The ultimate goal for creating a powerful digital media strategy was to expand The Big Collab’s business relationships and get potential new clients to start engaging with their business.  With a consistent brand voice, tone, and visual design, we created a captivating brand identity. The Big Collab also asked us to boost their social media marketing with our strategy and creative skills so they could increase their Instagram following. In order to drive traffic to the website and engage with prospects, we established a strong social media presence. We regularly analyzed their social media stats to assess the efficiency of the approach.  In order to establish the brand’s authority in the consulting and services industry, we developed a successful email marketing campaign that delivered value for the subscribers.





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